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FAQ about The Healing Codes 

"Do The Healing Codes heal ____?"

(Fill in the blank: fibromyalgia, cancer, ALS, MS, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)

I answer this most common question with a video on my Healing Codes Coaching Facebook page, explaining what The Healing Codes do and do not heal. (While you're there, why not Like, Comment on, and/or Share the page?)

Video Answers to:

  1. How can I use The Healing Codes to clear ongoing nonstop sinitus, post nasal drip, tonsil stones, halitosis--I believe they are all connected. (Deb) 
  2. Can I do The Healing Code for myself and my son, one right after the other? (Delilah) 


  1. Whenever I recall a memory from the past there's no discomfort for me to rate or, rarely, it's so mild I can barely perceive it's there. How can I use the Codes and check the effectiveness without being able to define a difference before and after? (Christian) 


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Q: I have been using the Healing Codes for a couple of months. I am feeling much better. I have no idea how long I am supposed to keep doing the Codes 3 times a day. Do you ever stop? What if you don't have any big "issues" to heal anymore? Can you use The Healing Codes to infuse the positive?

A: The "much better" you have experienced can be "much much better" if you continue to do The Healing Code.

I have never stopped after 13 years. Here's why.

Continue reading.


Q: What if you don't have any big "issues" to heal anymore? Can you use The Healing Codes to infuse the positive?

A: Yes! And I highly recommend it.

First, decide what it is you want to infuse. Then, amend the prayer to say something like,

"Dear God, please infuse in my spirit, soul, mind and body everything needed to bring [name the thing you want] into my life, and remove any blocks that may get in the way. Thank you for your willingness and ability to bring blessing into my life."

If blocks become apparent to you, as they sometimes do, then switch the focus of your Healing Code to heal/remove that block. When it seems gone, you can go back to infusing the positive with your Healing Code.

While pointing to the Healing Code positions, focus on instilling that vision in your mind's eye and your Heart. 

Q: I have a friend who really needs The Healing Codes but doesn’t speak English well and needs a simple explanation. Can you help me know what to say to her? Also, she wants to make sure it’s OK spiritually.

A: The way I like to explain The Healing Codes is that it's like noise-canceling headphones. 

Noise-canceling headphones take in the frequency of the noise around you, and provide an opposite and equal signal to cancel out the noise.

Every negative image (as in memories), thought, feeling, all are a frequency, stored in the cells of our bodies. (Einstein proved 100 years ago that everything is energy--frequency--and all our electronic stuff is based on this.) 

The Healing Codes provide an opposite and equal frequency to the negative frequency of what you identify needs to be healed (the "noise"), and thus neutralizes or even can change to positive the frequency of that memory, thought, feeling. Thus the stress in the body caused by the negative frequencies of those cellular memories is gone, and this allows the body to heal itself, with the wonderful healing powers God put into the body.                                                              Read more.

Q:  I have a question that I hope you can help with. I have been doing the healing codes, but I have MANY issues to work through. Some are physical and others are emotional. Is it more effective to stick to one issue until it seems to be better? Or, if on a certain day, one issue is bothering me more than another, should I work on that one, even though the other is not yet resolved?

A: Good question! It doesn't really have to be either/or, it can be both/and. You can assume that the "new issue" may be related somehow to what you were working on if that first issue doesn't seem resolved. So you can add in the second issue, OR just focus on the second one for a while, then "check in" with the first issue by seeing if it feels resolved or not.

I usually do go with what's presenting at any given time, as there is something important going on to address. Sometimes things get related in the subconscious in weird ways that don't make sense to the logical mind.


Q: I have recently had a lot of digestive issues, which has caused me very intense anxiety and often makes my health issues more inflamed. Ultimately, I am doing the healing codes for my anxiety and fear towards vomiting. I associate these feelings with other times as a child when I thought that God could make me throw up. I also associate the same sick feelings when I went on amusement park rides, when I felt a calling from God that I did not want to fulfill, and when I was stranded in the desert last year for many hours, not sure whether I would live.

I include all these memories and feelings in the prayer, and then do the codes for about 7-8 minutes. I have done this three times so far (two yesterday, one today so far), but I am still having pretty constant anxiety and fear.  
A lot of times when doing the codes, unwanted thoughts will come in such as "you can't guarantee this won't happen," or, "what if the healing process requires you to get more sick?" I try to push these out and focus on my truth statement, which is, "I can rest fully in the love and care of God. I can let life unfold as he wills," but, again, emotions and feelings of dread, fear, anxiety and being tense aren't really going away. I was wondering if you had any extra thoughts or tips that could help?  
Thank you so much for all your help. 
A: What you're going through is perfectly natural for someone starting out doing The Healing Code, and I love your Truth Focus Statement. The thing is, your heart doesn't seem to believe it yet.              Read the rest here.


Q:  I recently started doing the codes via the Healing Codes manual. My question is can you do more than one type of code per session. Like, say for instance you have an issue regarding unforgiveness, but it also involves love and trust. Can you work on all 3 of these areas at once, or should you spread them out? Thanks.

A: It's perfectly OK to include different issues like this, since forgiveness, love and truth are certainly interrelated. Look for the relationships and memories this issue involves, and focus on those, starting with the one that bothers you the most. Perhaps with some people or memories, one of those aspects will be especially strong; focus on those when you're doing a particular Healing Code session.

Since you have the Healing Codes Manual (which has specific codes for each category), you can do, say, the Unforgiveness code for that issue, and the next time do the Love code for the same relationship or memory. If you didn't have the Manual, you could include all the issues in the universal Healing Code from the book.

Q:   How  will I know if I'm starting to heal? Are there any signs to look out for? I've been feeling good these past few days ... but today it looks like the fear came back. 

Also I'm having trouble picturing a positive image when doing the codes. Do you have any suggestions?

A: It's not at all unusual for you to heal in an uneven manner. In fact, that's typical. The fact that you do feel better is an indication you ARE healing. As you heal the memories you are focusing on, you will feel some relief from whatever that memory was causing.

However, then often other memories will come up, ready to be healed. As those other fear memories are triggered, you again feel the fear. As I recall from our session, at first you couldn't think of any fear memories aside from the one that was recent and front and center. Then, suddenly, you started to remember several more.

Read the rest of the answer here.

 Q: I have been using the Healing Codes for a couple of months. I am feeling much better. I have no idea how long I am supposed to keep doing the codes 3 times a day. Do you ever stop?

A: I have never stopped after 10 years.

First of all, I never seem to run out of "heart issues" to address. Besides, that, I just enjoy doing the Codes. And I sure appreciate the results! The healing I've had in all areas of my life from doing Healing Codes at least twice a day for 9 years now is phenomenal. Physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, financially--every area of my life has improved. When the heart issues are out of the way, I am open to more of God, more of life, I'm finding. Life is just ... fuller.

I think of The Healing Codes as more like brushing my teeth, or taking my daily walk: It's something I do to keep healthy. As opposed to, say, an antibiotic you take to address an infection.

If you run out of "heart issues" to address, you can use The Healing Code to instill more of the positive in your life: more love, more joy, more kindness, etc. Then if something negative pops up, you address the negative. When that goes down to 0 or 1, you go back to instilling the posiitive.

Related question answered here.

Q:  I have been belittled and used and taken advantage of financially by my brother-in-law. I have now distanced myself from him, but I still hear his threats in my mind and if I see his type of car on the street, my heart beats faster. I want to let go and forgive. How do I do it? I feel I have forgiven but it seems to be still there.

A: This is a good example of what happens to us even when we've taken conscious steps to deal with a situation. Your conscious, adult mind has forgiven your brother-in-law. You have distanced yourself from him. You desire to let go and forgive. Yet, the threats play over in your mind and even when you see his type of car on the street, you have a physical fear/anger reaction.

This is because the subconscious part of your mind, that is fueled by the memories of what this man has done, is not healed. The memories actually got encoded into your cells, and they send out negative stress signals whenever something, such as seeing his make of car, triggers it.

These memories are like little tuning forks, all tuned to the frequency of the feelings the traumas connected to your brother-in-law. When "big tuning fork" is struck---you see something that reminds you of him--all the little tuning forks calibrated to that frequency will start to vibrate, causing those stress signals and physical reactions.

So what we have to do is change the frequency of those "little tuning forks inside," and that is where The Healing Codes come in. You will want to focus on the negative memories associated with him. It's the wounded parts of you that need to forgive him.

Start with the most painful memory. Pray the prayer of intention, something like, "Dear God, please find, open, and heal all known and hidden negative images, wrong beliefs, unforgiveness, negative entanglements; and destructive cellular memories of any nature and source, with any connection to [insert your feelings: fear, anger, resentment, etc.] from [insert memories]. Please replace all negatives with your love, light and life, and help me to forgive ____." Then do a Healing Code, either the one from the book or one from The Healing Codes Manual, Relationship Codes Manual, or Success Codes Manual (the unforgiveness Code would be best for this, sounds like). 

You will know you are healed when you can accept him as a person, not what he did, but him as a person, Dr. Alex Loyd says. Another sign of healing would be to see his make of car, and not have the same negative physical reactions. Also, when you think of those memories, you will be able to know they happened, but not feel any "charge." These are all signs this issue is healed.

By the way, unforgiveness is one of the biggest blocks to healing any issue. So if you are having trouble healing something, ask yourself if there is any unforgiveness in your heart toward anyone. Ask God to help the part (e.g., the little inner 5-year-old) to forgive the perpetrator, and use a Healing Code to heal the memories. I suggest you add the word "unforgiveness" to the prayer of intention no matter what the issue.

Q:   My daughter suffers from bulimia, we have tried to help her through different approaches. Problem is that this particular mental virus has its own anti anti virus built in and she will not get to the point of actually wanting to be rid of the problem - but it is ruining her life. I have tried The Healing Code for her but that hasn't produced results but she's being so "nasty" it's difficult now to release the healing "in love." Any ideas as to how best approach this problem?

A:  Your issue with your daughter is difficult, no doubt.

Take heart, though. She may be healing in ways you can't discern yet. In fact, her very nastiness may be itself a healing response. She may be reacting to the Healing Codes you've been doing. All I can say is keep it up.

As to the difficulty of doing it "in love," it might be a good idea to either include your own feelings about her condition in your prayer of intention before doing a Code, or just focus on yourself for now, then release the effects of the Code to her as well. I have clients who are healing their whole family by concentrating on themselves, then releasing the Code to family members with the words, "I release the full effects of this Code to [family member(s), in love, insofar as this issue affects them." And "this issue" here means your issue.

If you can't honestly do a Code for her in love now, because of your own anger, hurt, or whatever, focus on yourself first. It's good in general to be healing yourself anyway.  Read more suggestions here.

Q:   I thought The Healing Codes were for healing bad beliefs and memories. Online I read about some one doing a peace code for healing mucus membranes, and some one else doing a code for skin problems. How is that?

A:  The Healing Codes only work on the negative images and beliefs we hold in cellular memories.

That said, we believe that those negative things are frequencies that send out stress signals to the body, and are the true source of physical issues.

Hence, when the stress signals are neutralized (healed), the physical will heal.

Part of Dr. Loyd's discovery was that different categories of issues correspond to different body systems. That is outlined in chapter 11 of The Healing Code book, and in the Healing Codes Manual in more detail.

Click to read the rest of the answer.

Q:  I am interested in the Healing Code, I have used EFT, NLP, Kinesiology and several other modalities. How does the Healing Code differ from these energy healing systems?

A: All these systems deal with energy, but the big difference in my mind is that The Healing Code actually changes the frequency of the memory.

Every thought, image, feeling or belief is energy. The first Law of Thermodynamics says that states of energy can never be destroyed nor created, but can change forms. The energy coming into your senses, converted to thought or feeling, takes on a certain frequency.

Let's say it's a frequency of fear. That image/memory and perhaps a belief ("bad things happen to me") stay in the memory, subconsciously usually. It is like a little tuning fork, tuned to the "fear" frequency. Another thing happens, similar to the first incident, and you have another "tuning fork" tuned to that fear frequency.

When something happens "on the outside" that triggers a fear response in you, it is like a tuning fork is struck. All the little inner tuning forks with that fear frequency start vibrating inside you, sending out stress signals to your cells.

What happens, I believe, in other modalities such as EFT, The Emotion Code, and other such energy systems that are based on chakras and meridiians, is that you "interrupt" the signal between "tuning fork outside" and "tuning forks inside," so that the tuning forks inside quit vibrating and you feel better.                                     Read the rest of the answer.

Q: Can you do Healing Codes for pets? If so, how, and what prayer would you say?

A: Yes, you can do Healing Codes for pets. In fact, I have an old (12 years) dog and an even older cat (17-18 years, we're not sure exactly). The dog seems to have arthritis and the cat has bladder issues. The vet checked and found crystals, the cat was on all kinds of antibiotics for several months, to no avail. (Her symptom is not using the litter box.)

The vet suggested an ultrasound and possible surgery for Mamacat. For a cat that old? So I started doing a custom Healing Code (Q Code) for her and for the dog every day.

So far, so good. Mamacat is using her litter box properly almost all the time, and Millie, the dog, is happily taking walks with me. (Though when it's really cold, she refuses.)

How do you know what to target in a pet?         Read the rest of the answer.

Q: I have health problems but don't know what caused them. I can't remember anything in my past that may have brought them on. How do I do a Healing Code without having pictures to heal from the past? Can I just picture the health problem I have now?

A: You don't always need to find earlier pictures, though it is helpful and seems to speed up the healing when you can find them. Your heart always finds and heals many earlier memories without your being aware of them.

Many clients cannot remember much from their childhood. That is usually a sign that there is quite a lot of "heart junk" underneath. Some people have what Dr. Bradley Nelson calls a "heart wall" that keeps them from being in touch with their hearts.                     Read the rest of the answer ...

Q:  What if you remember many traumatic events from your past and don't know which to work on? What if there was a very traumatic event from when you were an infant which you do not remember, but have been told about? How do you know which event to address in the Healing Code? I just want to heal a physical issue. Can I address only the physical in the code and be okay?

A:  Many questions here, so I'll answer them one by one.

First, if you remember many traumatic events from your past, start working on the most significant one--either the earliest or the strongest. You might jot them down on a list ("my 4-year-old Christmas memory," for instance). Put next to each event a number (1-10) in terms of how strong the feeling is in the memory. Take the one you rated highest and work on that with a Healing Code until you get it down to a 0--it doesn't bother you at all anymore.

Then look again at your list. Pick the next strongest memory, heal that, and move on down your list.                      Read the rest of the answer ...

Q:  I'm not sure if I am doing The Healing Code correctly. Do I hold my hands in each position saying the prayer? Or just hold the position?

You say "the prayer" (which I call the Prayer of Intention, to distinguish it from a prayer that you might say while doing the Code) before you do the hand positions. You are telling your heart all the things you want it to find and heal.

While you're doing The Healing Code, you do not say that prayer again (which would be negative, since in the Prayer of Intention you are naming your issue, which of course is the negative thing you want to heal). Instead, you want to focus on                                                      Read the rest ...

Q: How can I get the most out of The Healing Codes?

A: By doing them regularly! Seriously--like anything in life, this works if you actually do it.

In terms of results, the Healing Code in the book is

Read the rest ...

Q: What is a custom code and why do the custom codes grow weaker over time?

A: A custom Healing Codes is a Code specifically for your issue. Since custom codes are so finely tuned to your specific issue, as your issue heals, the custom code "goes out of register" --i.e., it's not as "tuned" to your issue anymore. Do your custom code for as long as the practitioner specifies, then either go back to the Universal Code (from the book) or the Codes from the Manual, or get another custom code.

Q: What should I be thinking about while doing a Healing Code? Am I thinking about the issue, saying that prayer, or what?

A: When you are doing a Healing Code (i.e. pointing to the healing centers), you do NOT want to think about your issue. You do that before you do a Healing Code.                                                     Read more ...

Q: What if I feel worse when I do The Healing Codes?

A:Occasionally, people have what's called a "healing response" when they heal. It's a well-known phenomenon in medicine  known as the Herxheimer Reaction.. It's also referred to as Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction, JHR, the Herxheimer Effect, the Herxheimer Response, a Herx Reaction, Herx or Herks. You may also hear it caleld a healing crisis, a detox reaction, or die-off syndrome.  

Whatever you call it, it's actually a sign of healing.       Read more ...

Q: Can you do Healing Codes for someone else? How does that work?

A: Yes, you can do Healing Codes for someone else. In fact, Dr. Alex Loyd says they are even more effective if someone else does them, than if the person did the Codes for him or herself. That's because the love that motivates you to do Healing Codes for someone else amplifies the effectiveness. Love is the most powerful healing force in the world.

You simply do the Code on yourself, putting the person's name and issue in the prayer of intention.                                                    Read more ...

Q: I've heard there's a quicker way of doing The Healing Codes. How?

A: Yes, there is a quicker and even more powerful way to do a Healing Code. It's called the Q Codes.

Q Codes are a different way to do a Healing Code. You have a whole different process, and the best part is--it only takes a little more than a minute to do, rather than the typical 6-8 minutes. Here's a review of the Q Codes and my experience with them.

Q: Can the Healing Codes be done while pregnant? Is it safe?

A: Absolutely! There are no side effects of energy medicine, so it is the safest thing you can do.

On another level, I believe The Healing Codes are the best thing you can do as a parent.

As you heal your own heart issues, you will be a better parent. (How I wish I knew about The Healing Codes when my children were younger!) Healing your own heart issues means you're less likely to pass on negative patterns either from generational memories or from your own behavior.

So do use The Healing Codes while pregnant. You might even use them on your unborn child, asking that any negative cellular memories from generations past, or from what the baby is exposed to in utero, would be healed. There is evidence that babies form cellular memories even from the womb, so whatever you can do to create a peaceful internal environment for yourself will only help the baby. 

Q:  I have been combining myself, my wife and two daughters into two 10 minutes sessions per day using "The life giving light…" Truth Focus Statement for several issues I have, motor neuron disease (wife), spinal cord injury (daughter) and severe allergies (other daughter).  Is that cramming too much in?

A: That's a good question.

I will develop custom codes to do for my family at times, but it's usually around an issue I know we all have our own problems with. For instance, recently I did a Code for my husband and children about money issues, after my daughter brought something up. I remembered some memories we have in common, such as one vacation where money issues sort of ruined the whole experience. So I did a custom code for all my family members around those memories and the money issues we each had, and released the effects to each person in the family.

In the case you're mentioning, however, it's generally stronger for each if you can do an individual Healing Code for each, Dr. Loyd says.  Targeted attention seems to matter with The Healing Codes, which makes sense from what I know about quantum physics.

This can be time-consuming, I realize. What I do therefore is use the Q Codes, which is quicker (takes about 2 minutes). I do Q Codes for a number of people every day. Then you can amplify the effects of each person's Code by releasing it to the others.

You can find out more about Q Codes at www.qcodesinfo.com. It is a different way of doing any Healing Code, so you do need a Code to use for it. Dr. Loyd developed that approach after praying about his clients who were not healing the way most of his clients did. So this approach may amplify the effectiveness of a Healing Code. It seems to be true from my experience with it.

(Note: the Truth Focus Statement he's referring to is: "The life-giving light of the Lord God Almighty shines in all the darkness, to bring complete healing, peace, and right relationships with God, self, and others." Other of my personal Truth Focus Statements are available free, in the left-hand column. Look for the yellow highlighted words on the right, "Download Diane's personal Truth Focus Statements.")


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