Everything you need to get the most out of The Healing/Success/Relationship/Love Codes, from Certified Healing Codes & HALO Coach, Diane Eble, editor of The Healing Code

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Confused about How to Do The Universal Healing Code?

Watch this Healing Code Video

Let Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner (and editor of The Healing Code book), Show You How, Step by Step.

View this Authorized Version of How to Do The Healing Code, Start to Finish.

 View Healing Code Demonstration full screen here.



 More helps for getting the most out of The Healing Code:

Before you do your Healing Code: Suggested Prayers of Intention for using with your Healing Code (variations from the Code in the book, e.g. to use with pets, or when doing the Code for others).

Truth Focus Statements for while you do the pointing:

To download Diane's personal Truth Focus Statements (based on Scripture) in each of the 12 Healing Code Categories, sign up below. (Email address requested so I can send you updates.)


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Find out:

*What is a Healing Code?

*How do I do it? (exact steps)

*What's the best place to start my healing?

*What kind of healing can I expect?

*How can I get the most out of The Healing Codes?


Don't have the book yet? Get it here, along with other helps like the resources on this page. (free shipping, US orders only. Canada and international, order here.)

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