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The TRUTH about The Healing Journey

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

Nobody wants to tell you this.

But I think you can handle the truth. I love you too much to not tell you this.

The healing journey is a bumpy road, full of ups and downs, setbacks and detours.

In your heart, you know this already. But, when you’re desperate for healing, you will grasp at anything that offers the instant cure.

It doesn’t exist.

In all my 13 years of doing The Healing Codes, I can count ONE experience of an instant healing.

It was pretty dramatic, I admit. I had a horrible head cold, and was miserable for several days. At the peak of the miserable symptoms, I was doing a Healing Code addressing poor boundaries. Literally in the middle of doing that Healing Code, all my symptoms vanished suddenly and completely.

It was astonishing, but on one level it made sense. The immune system is all about boundaries: the body says, "This is mine, this is not mine." I was working on a boundary issue. Apparently that Healing Code healed that particular memory I was working on, and apparently that memory was the source of my succumbing to that particular virus.

That experience, however, was not the norm.

The norm is around 3 months to heal a physical issue, for me anyway. The norm is a gradual lessening of symptoms, and almost an amnesia about the problem. It’s common for me to one day realize, “Oh, that problem seems to be much better now. When did that happen?”

The norm is also: two steps forward, one step backward. Sometimes two steps forward, two or three steps backward.

The trajectory of healing may look more like the stock market graph than a straight upward trend.


It’s common for a client to tell me they had a great experience with The Healing Codes, they can tell a difference, other people can tell a difference, and they are on Cloud 9.

Then, some time later—maybe weeks, maybe months—suddenly the symptoms seem to come back. They get discouraged. “I thought this was working, but now I have my doubts.”

Trust me: When you do Healing Codes, they work. They are working all the time.

If symptoms or an issue comes back, a memory comes back that you thought was healed, it means you are either healing a different aspect of that issue/memory, OR you are healing it at a different layer.

I’ve written about this a lot. It is one of the most important things to understand about the healing journey.

Notice that I call it a “healing journey?” We may hit little destinations along the way as some things heal. But the journey IS the whole point. The destination doesn’t happen—we’re not fully healed—until we reach the next life. At least that’s my belief.

Healing in my mind is about removing the blocks that keep us from aligning with God’s divine design for each of us, and experiencing more of the divine nature, which is characterized by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.

The true destination is to grow more in these virtues. And that is a process, thus it IS the journey. If you persist, it's an upward spiral of healing, even if you're revisiting an issue you thought was healed.

I think one of the most brilliant things that was shown to Dr. Alex Loyd when he got the “download” of The Healing Codes was that blockages in each of the above “virtues” results in certain physical symptoms showing up.

A block in Love will show up in endocrine issues. A block in Joy, skin issues. And so on, as chapter 11 in The Healing Code delineates. I have found that to play out in my life and the life of my clients.

So your physical symptoms can be a signal as to what heart issues need to be healed, and vice versa: your heart issues can alert you to what physical issues might show up if you don’t heal the heart issues.

If on your healing journey, you seem to “stop healing,” don’t be discouraged. Take it as simply information: there is something more in that area that needs to be healed.

As I’ve also said before, the key to making progress on the healing journey is consistency of practice. You must do Healing Codes regularly to make progress. Whether you see or feel results or not, continue doing them. If you have a setback, take it as valuable information that there is something more to discover and heal.


The healing journey is a bumpy road. If you need someone to hold your hand when you feel you’re going down, I’m here for you at HealingCodesCoaching.com! I can help you find and heal the heart issues, and pull you up so you can take the next steps.