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Articles about How The Healing Codes Heal the Source of Any Health, Success, or Relationship Issue

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code


 How to Heal Your Grief

If you weren’t dealing with grief before the global pandemic, I suspect you’re dealing with it now, in one way or another. Who hasn’t lost something in the pandemic, even if it’s only the familiar way of being able to “do life”?

Many are dealing with loss of so much more. Loss of health. Loss of a loved one (including a pet). Loss of connections. Loss of work, of income. Loss of a sense of stability. Loss of a dream. Loss of faith. Loss of a marriage.

If you have unhealed grief issues from the past, likely any of the more recent losses just make the grief feel even worse. Grief is cumulative, and time does not automatically heal it. That is a myth.  

Read more here.


Overwhelmed? Try These Steps to Peace--and Your Clear Next Step

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all that’s coming at you, all there is to do or decide? 

I know I do. As someone with the inborn trait of High Sensitivity (or Sensory Processing Sensitivity, its technical term), I take in a lot more information than non-HSPs, and process it more deeply. Understanding this has hugely helped me to understand what’s going on, but I still have to deal with it all.

On top of that, there’s this tendency to “overthink” things. One of my gifts is that I can often see down the road to just how something will play out, for me or others. I’m usually right. However, I’m finding that you still have to walk through all the steps to get there. (I just want to leap frog to the end that I can see so clearly.)

So what do you do when you have to make decisions and move ahead, when there’s so much to sort through and it’s difficult even to know what’s most important to do so you can set priorities?

Remember that famous quote by Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind? ("I'll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.") That's what we feel like doing, isn't it? There are times when we do have to just take a break, butyou know the “maƱana” attitude doesn’t get you very far in life.

Here’s what I’ve found helpful.                                Read more here.  



 Activate Healing “Magic”

People always want to know how to speed up the healing process.

Yes, there is a way. And it’s really the only way.

The difference between those who heal and those who don’t boils down to one word: Commitment.

Ah, you may not like that word. But deep down, you know it’s true.

Think about any time you’ve gotten any result in your life. Wasn’t the first step commitment?

You got uncomfortable enough with the way things were to want to change. You desired to change. And the discomfort and desire combined to overcome that tendency we all have to resist change.

Change can feel scary. It hurls us into the unfamiliar. That little voice (some call it the Super-Ego Voice) sounds the alarm, tells you it’s not safe to change. And you feel the Resistance rise up.

Until . . .                                                         Read more here. 

The Power of Tracking Your Results

I wrote earlier about the crucial first step to activating healing: commitment. If you missed that, please go here to review it.


Now I want to go over the second step to activate healing “magic,” so that healing happens quicker and goes deeper.


I’m talking about tracking your results.


My clients who heal the most and fastest are those who not only commit themselves to regularly doing The Healing Codes. They also track their results.


“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”                                                                     Read more here.



How to Heal Your Grief

If you weren’t dealing with grief before the global pandemic, I suspect you’re dealing with it now, in one way or another. Who hasn’t lost something in the pandemic, even if it’s only the familiar way of being able to “do life”?

Many are dealing with loss of so much more. Loss of health. Loss of a loved one (including a pet). Loss of connections. Loss of work, of income. Loss of a sense of stability. Loss of a dream. Loss of faith. Loss of a marriage. How do you deal with these losses and move on with life?

If you have unhealed grief issues from the past, likely any of the more recent losses just make the grief feel even worse. Read more here. 


The TRUTH about The Healing Journey

Nobody wants to tell you this. 

But I think you can handle the truth. I love you too much to not tell you this.

The healing journey is a bumpy road, full of ups and downs, setbacks and detours.

In your heart, you know this already. But, when you’re desperate for healing, you will grasp at anything that offers the instant cure.

It doesn’t exist.

In all my 13 years of doing The Healing Codes, I can count ONE experience of an instant healing.

It was pretty dramatic, I admit.                                   Read more . . .

The ONLY Two Ways to Do a Healing Code Wrong

People often ask me, "Is there any way to do a Healing Code wrong?"

 Or, "Am I doing The Healing Codes right?"

It's pretty hard to mess up The Healing Codes. That's one of the things I love about The Healing Codes.

However, there are two things that can derail your efforts.

The first way to do The Healing Codes "wrong" is . . .

Read more . . .


How to Prevent a Painful Event from Becoming a Lasting Trauma

Does every painful event that happens to us inevitably become a trauma?

The good news is: NO!

To understand how this can be--and more importantly, to prevent a life event from becoming a trauma--you need to understand why and how something becomes a trauma.   

Read more ...

  Find and Heal "The Keywords to Your Heart"

In my coaching, as I listen to clients tell me what's bothering them most (the starting point for finding heart issues), I want to find the deepest issue their heart is ready to heal at this point in their healing journey.

I'm listening for what I think of as "the keywords to the heart." These are words that have the most energy, that seem to encapsulate the essence of the heart issue.

When you put these "keywords" into your prayer of intention, your heart, like a search engine, will come up with the memories that need to be healed.

Read the rest on the Healing Heart Issues blog.

"How Do The Healing Codes Heal Relationships?"

The subtitle of The Healing Code promises it heals the source of any relationship issue. How does it do this?

First, remember that The Healing Codes only address issues of the heart, which Dr. Loyd believes, and we coaches agree, are the source of all the issues of life. (It's actually based on what King Solomon said in Proverbs 4:23: All the issues of life flow from what's in the heart.)

The Healing Codes change the frequency of the negative images and beliefs that are stored as cellular memories. When that happens, the physiological stress is removed that caused you to view things in a negative light.                                                                          Read more ...

"Why Surgery When You Have the Healing Codes?"

My 15-year-old daughter just had surgery to repair her ACL ligament which she tore when she fell wrong on a trampoline.

A few people asked me, "Why did she need surgery? Couldn't The Healing Codes heal her?"

Fair question, especially in light of how Healing Codes apparently caused what my doctor called a "spontaneous closing of a PFO" (hole in the heart). You can read my story here.

Why didn't we wait and see what The Healing Codes could do?         

 Read more ...

3 Lessons from My Client's Bone Cancer Healing

I was thrilled to learn that one of my clients, P.B., who has bone cancer metastasized in 9 places, just got the results from her recent PET scan. Of the 9 "markers" that showed active cancer, 5 have healed completely and 4 are "almost healed"!

This is very encouraging news for my client and me, of course. She has only been doing The Healing Codes for about a month. She had also been doing Gerson Therapy, one of the oldest and most respected and studied forms of alternative treatments for detoxifying the body. She had been doing Gerson Therapy for 4 months, and was told it would likely be at least a year before she experienced any results.

We believe that her custom Healing Codes are accelerating her healing along with the Gerson Therapy. Her heart and body definitely want to be healed and are marshaling all resources toward that end.

Some interesting things about her case offer lessons we can all learn about health, healing, and the medical community. These are my thoughts.

Read the rest on the Healing Heart Issues blog.

 "The Healing Code Isn't Working!"

Most people get wonderful results when they use The Healing Code consistently. (Just read the Amazon reviews of the book to confirm this, or read testimonials of my clients to see what's possible.)

However, some people do not see the results they desire, especially if it's a physical issue they're wanting to heal. In a conversation with Dr. Alex Loyd, he revealed seven reasons why people may not get the results they seek.

If you're not healing the way you want with The Healing Code, one or more of these could be at work.

Read 7 reasons people don't heal here.

The Healing Codes--An Alternative or Complementary Approach to Disease and Illness? 

One of the most common questions asked by people when they hear about The Healing Code is, "Can this cure ____?" (Fill in the blank with: depression, cancer, ALS, MS, diabetes etc.)

The answer is no. The Healing Code does not cure any disease. It does not even address any disease directly.

What The Healing Code does (from all apparent indications from the Heart Rate Variability studies and from what we observe in clients) is change the stress signal sent to the cells by the unconscious negative images, beliefs and cellular memories from trauma (perceived or actual). When these stress signals are changed, the cells are restored to growth and health mode, and the body's own immune system is able to do its God-given job of healing.

Read the rest of this article here.

How Finding Early Memories Speeds Healing with The Healing Codes 

When you have a "heart issue" or even a health issue to heal, it helps tremendously to identify how you feel about the issues, and to target that for healing rather than the symptom itself.

This is because, according to Dr. Alex Loyd, author of The Healing Code, the real source of the issue is the negative belief or image in the spiritual heart. And that's tied to a feeling. You access the source of the issue through the feeling. When you can identify and rate the feeling, and especially if you can tie it to earlier memories when you felt that way, you speed your healing.            Read the rest of this article here.

Signs of Healing (You May Not Notice)

My mother first started doing Healing Codes to heal a mysterious skin itching for which she could find no relief, despite the several kinds of doctors she consulted over a period of 18 months. The itching would start at the same time every day, last through the night, then go away. After a few months of doing Healing Codes (custom from me, of course), the itching subsided.

Healing came gradually. First the itching wasn't quite so strong. Then, it would start later and end earlier. One day she realized she hadn't felt the itching for some time.

Sometimes healing is so gradual, you don't notice it until one day it hits you: "Hey, that problem is gone!" It's kind of a strange thing, but some kinds of healing do happen in this slow and gentle way.

Another signpost of my mom's healing that I noticed but she didn't connect to the Healing Codes right away, is what was happening with her Scrabble games.

Read the rest of this article here.

Triggers and Tuning Forks: How The Healing Codes Work

When something happens in your outer world, it can rock your inner world in unexpected ways.

That's what we call "getting triggered."

Anything can be a trigger, but certain events and times of the year can be triggers to many people.

For instance, Superstorm Sandy triggered all sorts of things for my clients. I have a whole family who had experienced a car accident years ago. The suddenness of Sandy triggered memories of the accident, which made it even more difficult for the family to weather the actual storm.

For many in the United States, the last election triggered a lot of anxieties and fears about the future. For those who came from a dysfunctional family, any number of issues could have been triggered, either before or after the election.

For people living in politically unstable regions, if instability was part of their growing up experience, the current situation will be amplified by the unhealed memories of the past that are being triggered.

The holidays inevitably trigger bad memories for many, which is why depression and even suicides skyrocket at that time of the year.

How do The Healing Codes help you deal with triggers?

Read the rest of the article here.

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