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Healing Codes Testimonials

My Story:

What Happened to the Hole in My Heart (PFO) after Doing The Healing Codes

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Healing Codes Testimonials from My Clients

The following feedback from my clients who have gotten custom codes from me is unsolicited, and used by their permission. They all wanted me to share their stories, in fact, to give others hope and encouragement that healing of all kinds can happen. Note that in cases of physical healing, the client was also under appropriate medical care. This is always advised. (Please read disclaimer at bottom of page.)  


April 20th     May 13th   7-31-14 before checkup  July 31st

  Strabismus Corrected "Faster than Doctor Ever Experienced"

Heather Perry came to me in mid April, 2014 because of her concern for her 2 1/2 year-old son's eye that was turning in. I gave them custom Healing Codes every 2 weeks between April 18 and July 31. Click here to read the full story of Dalton's healing and to better see the pictures that prove that the Healing Codes work, AND that you can do them for other people and get great results.


Bonnie Redmond

Bulging Disk Pain Totally Relieved

"The code I received from you totally healed my bulging disc pain. It was so large and painful surgery was recommended. That was a year ago now. Thankful for Healing Codes family and the genuine care I receive from you all. It actually melts resistence in me as I have difficulty trusting!!!"

--Bonnie Redmond, Kansas City, MO



Unwanted Thoughts Dissolved!

When my client came to me for a code for her dog, which was about to have puppies, she mentioned what she called the miraculous and effortless shift that had happened as a result of the last custom Healing Code I gave her, which had to do with her relationship with her husband. Here is what she shared about that shift. (The "baby" she mentioned at the end was her dog.)

Click to play or download.

"Finding the Real Me Again"

"I am so glad I chose to have a private coaching session. After completing my first custom code, I feel significant benefits. After many discouraging months, this has revived my hopes. I worked on fear, anxiety and terror memories and I notice I am quicker to recognize those feelings coming and manage them better."


"His Doctor was Amazed!"

VinnyListen to this 2-minute testimonial about Vinny, a boy who had an inoperable benign brain tumor. His grandmother faithfully did custom Healing Codes for him throughout his medical treatments. Here are the results, after 18 months of her and many others (via my Healing Hearts Prayer Circle) doing these Healing Codes.

Click here to play audio.

This story shows the power of doing custom Healing Codes for other people, as well as the power of combined intention.

Read the whole story here.


"First Test to See If The Healing Codes Really Worked..." 
"I wanted to thank you so much for the code for abandonment and rejection recently. That was my first real test to see if the codes really worked. It's wonderful. I could feel the difference in just a couple of days. My relationship to the Lord has changed. I was estranged from him for about 7 years (I turned my back on him).
"I'm going back to church. Also, I feel much more at peace--the fear of rejection has improved greatly. My sugar levels (prediabetic) have dropped by 25-30 points. Thank you!!!"                --Anita H.


"More Love and Peace Than I've Ever Felt!"

 "Just wanted to give you an update on the last code you gave me. Had a healing response from the first time I did the code which in past experience means the code is spot on!! As of just today, I am feeling a sense of peace and love that I have never felt before and it's eerily exciting!! ... Can't thank you enough for digging deeper and figuring out what was really wrong with me...what a blessing and answer to prayer you are to me!! God bless you my friend."--B.C.


Fast Healing of Early Memories

Joe"WOW! I waited because I wanted to be sure, but after doing the Code you gave me 3 times on Friday, my issue as a 3-year old was at 0! I checked Saturday morning, and it was 0.
"Saturday I worked on the
college memory, and it was at 0 by Saturday night! Because several things came up Sunday, I only got 2 sessions in, but I started working on post-college. That is looking good, too, although I've only done one session so far today. I went to the memory of the next big event/period of time after the college thing, and am figuring that once that is down to 0, I'll move on to the next big event/time period. "--Joe, Georgia


"Best Weight Loss Program"

Mary Mueller "These custom codes are so addicting because they pounce on the issue so fast! I feel a peace, a lightness, and I am so patient with my children now.

"One thing that happened as a by-product (I wasn't even working on this issue) is that I lost 10 pounds absolutely without any effort at all. I noticed my clothes were fitting better, so I weighed myself. I had lost 5 pounds! I found myself eating whatever I wanted, but I wanted mostly healthy things now. (This is totally new for me.) I would be satisfied with just a small piece of chocolate. After another couple of weeks, I lost 5 more pounds--again, effortlessly. I have energy, I feel so good. This is the best weight-loss program I've ever come across!" --Mary, Missouri


New-Found Peace & Confidence

Tracie's issue was a fear of public speaking, which she needed to overcome for her career. She wanted to teach. After getting custom Healing Codes and working on her issue for a few weeks, she wrote this:

"I had a class to teach last week and it went quite well! It just gets better and better! Everyone that attended came up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed the class and my way of presenting the material. Needless to say, this was a huge confidence booster. Of course, all glory goes to God! I even had one woman speak to me at length after the class to discuss some health issues she has been having. After talking to me for some time, she paused and said, 'There is such a peace about you. I just feel better standing near you.' WOW!"--Tracie, PA


More Self-Confidence, Better Relationships

"After my custom code, I was able to speak my truth in a meeting with my boss. I knew I had been heard from the heart regardless of the outcome. It was a loving way to stand up for myself without being defensive, reactive, hurtful or avoiding. That felt so good, and showed that my inner landscape is changing. And this was the first holiday season that I was able to relax, having a greater awareness of how I was feeling moment to moment. From there I was able to make better choices about how I wanted to be and do, rather than sleep walking into fraught situations!" --J.

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"Feeling So Much Better Already!"

"Thank you, Diane. I am so grateful for your help. I feel so much better today. Even my neck and shoulders are loose and moving freely. I would never have thought of doing the twelve days for the issues of living with my stepfather. Very insightful. I feel I am on the path to recovery for more than the issues you worked with me on, as I know so much is connected to it. Thank you again. You are truly a gifted person."   --Debby

"No More Asthma--We Have Our Lives Back!"

"Hi Diane. I had worked with you this past summer on asthma issues plaguing our oldest son. I believe I did a block of 5 or so sessions with you. I wanted to send you an update as I am truly amazed by what The Healing Codes and your expertise have done for him. He was having serious issues/episodes with his breathing every 3-4 weeks since the day he was born before I worked with you (he is almost 8 years old now). I am now so overjoyed and grateful to say that he has not had a single episode since we finished together. It's going on 6 months now. So much gratitude to you Diane, to Dr. Lloyd, and of course to God for giving Aden (and his parents) his life back. I truly can't thank you enough!"

Love and gratitude, Ida
--Dr. Ida Allen-Bergman, EducatingWellness.com

Issue Healed Quickly--and Stayed Healed

"Before I started doing The Healing Codes, I was skeptical. But it worked! Then I tried the Custom Code Diane gave me. It was so powerful! Before I did the Code, I felt like my issue was a 9 on a scale of 1-10. After doing the Custom Code once, I could barely detect any 'charge.' It was down to a 1 and has stayed that way." -- Cathy, North Carolina

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and we make no curative claims. Testimonials represent a cross-section of the range of results that appear to be typical with these products. Individuals who have provided their testimonies are not compensated in any way. Results may vary depending upon use and commitment. There is no Healing Code for any specific illness or disease. The Healing Codes address only the underlying spiritual issues of disease. We believe that people who use The Healing Codes can reasonably expect to have the issues of their heart (inner person) heal.