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HALO Coaching with Diane Eble,  

Certified HALO Wellness Coach-Practitioner

and distributor of the Halo Multiverse Systems

halo-plants and light 

What is HALO? 

HALO stands for Harmonic Amplified Light Output, and is the name of the HALO Light System invented by master chemist, Michael Thomas. (Click here for more on Michael Thomas and his amazing story of how God brought wonderful good out of a terrible tragedy.)

HALO is based on biophotonic science, which is the science of generating and harnessing light (photons) to image, detect and manipulate biological materials. Biophotonic is an emerging area of scientific research that uses light and other forms of radiant energy to understand the inner workings of cells and tissues in living organisms. 

The HALO Light System is light therapy using a specific frequency of the violet spectrum to carry and deliver the harmonic energies of the carefully selected botanicals contained within the HALO Systems vials.  

The light passes through vials that contain botanical extracts and picks up the harmonic vibrations of the botanicals and transmits the photon and botanical energies into the body. The light is the delivery system that brings the botanical energies and essences to the body, and the body responds as if the botanicals were actually present

The harmonic energies of these botanicals increase cellular communication. The body knows what to do with these energies and how to best distribute and heal the body.  Light and botanicals do not heal or cure.  Rather the body itself is the miracle as it utilizes supplied energies from every source it can to aid in its own healing process.

Biophotonc Light Therapy Explained

Here is a short video of Michael Thomas explaining biophotonic light and what it does in the body. 


With photon light therapy, you get 100% of the benefits of dozens of botanicals from around the world with proven therapeutic properties. Nothing is lost through digestion, as is the case with supplements. All the positive benefits of photon or light therapy combine with the power of active botanicals to produce excellent results.

Plants + Light + Water = Healthy Microbiome

One of the main functions of the HALO therapy is to foster a healthy microbiome in the body. This is done not only through shining the light directly into the body (under the tongue, into the ear or nose) or onto the body. You receive the botanical goodness also by structuring water and then introducing the botanical harmonies into the water. Drinking the water then fosters a healthy microbiome in the body.

For more about the benefits of structured water, go here. Keep in mind that this just refers to structured water. With HALO you get these benefits, plus the benefits of the botanicals which are fully absorbed by the body from the structured water. For more about the specific benefits of HALO structured water, watch this video.

Results of Using HALO

Below is a very interesting video of an independent party testing the HALO with a Heart Rate Variability machine, which tests the response of the autonomic nervous system.

The Heart Rate Variability test is the "gold standard" for testing stress in the autonomic nervous system. It's the same test Dr. Alex Loyd used to validate The Healing Codes, and is also used to test vagal tone. Increased vagal tone is correlated with better overall health, and scientists are experimenting with stimulating the vagus nerve to improve conditions from drug addiction to rheumatoid arthritis.

In this test Dr. Michael Kessler and his team measured the physiological response of the test subject before and after HALO treatment.  (length: 17:38)


Every person's body is different, thus everyone's experience of and results from the Halo will be different. Also, I can't give third-party testimonials. I can just tell you my own experience (sign up below for that), and give you what you can confidently expect given what we have seen and can expect from how the body responds to these botanicals.

What many HALO users report: 

·        Pain reduction or elimination within seconds in most cases. 

·        A feeling of relief, stress reduction, calming sensation immediately post treatment lasting 6 to 12 hours and often longer.

·        A feeling of renewed vigor and vitality lasting for days. 

The amazing thing about the HALO Systems is the increase in overall perceived "wellness" and added vitality, not just the reduction or elimination of pain. (I can personally attest to this!) 

It's important to note this: the Halo Light System is best seen as an investment in health, rather than a device to treat a particular condition. We want to prevent conditions such as cancer, autoimmune and other diseases from taking root. This is what I believe the Halo does. It strengthens the body's own healing mechanisms, putting the body in the best state to heal or prevent any issues.

If you do have a serious condition, inventor Michael Thomas will tell you himself that Halo is fantastic in conjunction with other therapies, preferably natural. It was key in helping him heal from two life-threatening challenges, and without the Halo it's likely he would not have survived.

Now with the new Halo Systems--Apocalypse and Legacy kits,  all most people would need would be 5-10 minutes for a Halo treatment. Given that scenario, you could use the Halo many times a day, upping your body's ability to fight off whatever you are facing.

That's how Michael Thomas overcame his two life-threatening illnesses.

Let's look at the different options, and what they will do for you. 

Information on the Latest Halo Systems 

Michael Thomas recently introduced new kits for each of the Halo lights: the BABY BLUE light, which is all most consumers need; the Halo Pro (bigger light, more suitable for professional use), and the Halo Max, (definitely for clinical and professional use).

Seems like Michael is always creating new chemistry, so sign up below to get the updates on what's available. if you're interested, please  email diane@healingcodescoaching.com to find out the latest of what's available and the cost.


Sign up here for:

  • information on the latest Halo Chemistry System vials: what's in them and what they will do for you. 
  • my own personal reports of results my husband and I have experienced. 
  • access to an interview with Robert Quintanilla from HALO. 
  • a way to ask your questions about Halo. 
  • videos of a friend's old dog and what HALO did for his arthritis. 
  • plus ongoing information from my research on the HALO, energy healing, and plant-based solutions. 



 Here are the kits that I know of that are available now.

The Apocalypse System

The Halo Apocalypse combines a lot of the earlier systems and adds more.

Here are the vials (or tubes, in the case of the Halo Max):

  • Advanced system combines systems CBD, Immune Defense, Mind, the MT (which in itself was a combination of just about everything that came before), and Ultimate Viral, in one vial (or tube). Go here to see more on what is in each of the following vials or tubes. 
  • LD--Longevity Defense--contains all the Longevity vials (for cell regulation, such as is needed with cancer), into one vial.

  • ND--Nutritional Defense-contains the systems Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Protein, and Essential Fatty Acids in one vial or tube.

  • EC--Esthetics Complex--contains the systems Hair, Skin, Nails, Rejuve & Glow in one vial or tube.

  • BD--Breathe Defense--addresses sinus congestion and lung-related illnesses. Provides Botanical harmonic energies

  • DTX--Provides botanical harmonic energies shown effective at removing heavy metal contaminants and other toxic substances from the body. Gives the cells the herbal energies they need to eliminate heavy metals and other accumulated toxic substances through normal routes of elimination.

  • IR--Immune Restore--"the most powerful immune restoration and fortifying system I have ever developed," says Michael Thomas.The System works with harmonic energies of the Defense System found in the AD vial to provide the body with the most effective and comprehensive immune strengthening botanicals ever available and is designed to work synergistically with other HALO protective Systems.

  •  OD--Oxidation Defense--Powerful herbal antioxidants combine to provide harmonic energies to assist eh body in neutralizing and detoxing extremely harmful free radicals and other oxidative stressors.

  • PD--Parasite Defense-- Parasites can enter the body through air, water, earth, foods, contact with other humans, animals and insects, even through injections or oral administration. Parasite Defense is the most comprehensive herbal combination to defending against parasitic invasion while providing harmonic energies to the body to rid itself of existing parasites.

  • RD--Radiation Defense--Your body is constantly bombarded b radiation energies from many frequencies. Many of these energies have been found to cause all manner of mental-/physical/degradations. Radiation Defense is absolutely necessary in view of both multiple negative radio wave transmissions and especially for those who are undergoing or have undergone radiation therapies.

  • VD--Viral Defense--The biggest currently recognized acute health challenge just might be viral in nature. The body needs all the help it can get to shield against contracting viral infections and to effectively combat them if it becomes infected. Viral Defense is the most comprehensive anti-viral yet formulated.

  • WH--Wound Healing--Designed to flood the body with multiple botanical harmonic energies for all types of skin, organ, tendon and bone healing. Use directly on exposed skin for cuts, bruises, burns, rashes and all other skin issues.

Download the Brochure on the Apocalypse System. 

 The Very Latest:

The Legacy System

The LA1 System is 1 vial/tube that includes the AP1 chemistry plus the chemistry of the systems below.  

  • MPC - Mind Power/Clarity 
  • RX - Relax 
  • MED - Meditation Enhancement 
  • RJ - Rejuvenation 
  • GI – Gastrointestinal. (I have this one and it's really helped my GI symptoms) 
  • OS - Organ Support 
  • AR – Age Reversal 

 All kits come with one of the lights (Baby Blue, Pro, or Max), plus WS (water structuring) and batteries, charger, and case. 

Sign up here for:

  • information on the latest Halo Chemistry System vials: what's in them and what they will do for you. 
  • my own personal reports of results my husband and I have experienced. 
  • access to an interview with Robert Quintanilla from HALO. 
  • a way to ask your questions about Halo. 
  • videos of a friend's old dog and what HALO did for his arthritis. 
  • plus ongoing information from my research on the HALO, energy healing, and plant-based solutions. 



Is One of the Halo Products Right for You?

To determine if the any of the Halo kits are right for you, consider the following:

  • Do you have a chronic health challenge that doctors have found no treatment for? (If you have, then maybe introducing these botanicals would be a good way to try something new. The Halo has kept in check the two diagnoses I've had for years: Hashimoto's thyroiditis and osteoporosis.) 
  • Would you actually use it? Do you have 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day, to shine the light on yourself? Do you have another 5-10 minutes to structure 2 gallons of water, 2-4x/week depending on my water intake? (My husband and I use around a gallon a day between us.) 
  • Do you have the money now to invest in this? If not, how can you get it? (No-interest credit card offer, for instance.) 
  • Do you spend a lot of money on supplements and/or treatments (e.g. a chiropractor), that could possibly be unnecessary once you have a Halo? (When I added up what I was spending on supplements per month, I realized the Halo would actually save me money in a surprisingly short time. And it has.) 
  • Do you have other people in your life who could also benefit from using the Halo and/or drinking treated water? (One of the beautiful things about the Halo is that you can share it with others.  I have friends who come over with their water for our "Halo parties." We chat as they each structure their water. Again, with the new Pro-System, this wouldn't take all that much time. Or if a friend or family member--or pet--is sick, we use the Halo on them if they are open to it.) 

Want to know more about the HALO Light System, the inventor, and the latest kits? Email Diane () with "Halo" in the subject line. 

How to Get a Halo

You can only get a Halo Light System from a certified distributor, which I am now.

halo light kit imageSo if you have any questions, feel free to contact me by phone or email. You may also phone the Halo Multiverse company, who are happy to answer questions, but they do not sell directly to consumers. They will ship your Halo, provide the warranty and customer service, should you order one.

Note: The Halo can be shipped to most places in the world, but if you are outside of the U.S. call me to get shipping charges. Ask me about special sales, and client and professional discounts, especially for the Halo Max. There is also financing available for the Halo Max.


  My HALO Bonuses

When you order a HALO Light System from me, you will also get the following from me:

  • a free Healing Codes coaching session in which I will get you a custom Healing Code for whatever “heart issue” is bothering you most ($175 value). 
  • a free HALO Coaching session in which I will advise you on which HALO vials would address the body systems that most need strengthening for you, via my bio-energetic testing, as well as how often to use it. ($85 value)
  • Finally, you will receive HALO tips from me as I study it more, talk to the company principals, and gain experiences from other users. 

I offer both a Healing Codes and a HALO coaching session because I want you to get the most out of your HALO Light System by clearing any “heart issues” that could keep you from actually receiving all the goodness the HALO brings into your body.

You see, “heart matters” such as an unforgiving or resentful attitude, fear, unhealthy beliefs, negative images and memories can all block your cells from taking in the goodness from the HALO botanicals.

Not that you have to heal ALL the heart issues, but a program of both clearing the blocks to receiving, and then taking in the life-giving energy of the HALO botanicals, is what is yielding downright miracles for some of my clients who have gotten the Halo and, like myself, have been doing Healing Codes regularly.

If you want to learn more about The Healing Codes, check out www.healingcodescoaching.com and sign up for the free "Getting Started with The Healing Codes" course. That will get you up to speed quickly!

I am all about, as I say in the header of my Healing Heart Issues website, “Healing AT the Source, from the Source.” The HALO itself doesn’t heal. Let me be clear about that. But it does allow your body to heal AT the source by equipping it with what it needs to heal itself, and FROM the Source–God-created botanicals, delivered through light (“God is light . . .”). 

Once you become my client, you will also get ongoing tips and future bonuses via email to help you on your way.

Please note: If you already have a Halo Light and want to update your chemistry, you need to contact the Halo Multiverse company directly. 

Want to know more about the HALO Light Systems, and the inventor? Go here.