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FAQ about The Healing Codes

"If I have an autoimmune disease, should I do The Healing Codes?"

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Q:  I just bought the [Healing Code] book which has finally been translated into French and am finishing reading but I ask myself one question: is there a specific Healing Code (from the Manual) that would help me heal an auto-immune disease called "systemic acute lupus erythematosus"? 

I understood the Healing Codes help the immunity system to get stronger after releasing stress and healing the cellular memories, which allows the body to increase energy that is then used for "repairing" and healing whatever needs to be healed. But my immunity system works the wrong way round and "attacks" my sane cells. So, doctors always told me that having my immunity system stronger would boost the "destroying" process. (which makes sense, doesn't it?). What is then advised in case of self-immune diseases for which no "origin" or no "specific stressful event" has never been pointed up? Thank you in advance for your answer :) --Laurence (Belgium)

A:  Excellent question! And, since I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder myself (Hashimoto's thyroiditis), I can speak to it personally.

It's not that The Healing Codes boost the immune system directly, it's that it gets rid of the (unconscious) stress signals from unhealed negative memories and beliefs.(These you may not be aware of; they are unconscious.)  This is an important distinction, because it means that by doing this The Healing Codes allow the body to function as it was meant to. This means that it will enable your body's immune system NOT to confuse "friend or foe" but to function as God intended.

My blood tests show that the Hashimoto's thyroiditis is under control. I have been doing Healing Codes since 2007. I believe there is a connection. I would advise using Healing Codes for your heart issues so that your body will be enabled to work as it was meant to.

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