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Welcome to the Heart Issues Finder!

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Before you take the Heart Issues Finder* and get your report, please take a moment to read these important tips. You may even want to print this out or bookmark the page to refer back to.

*Note: Because the Heart Issues Finder is being reprogrammed, this will actually go to the Relationship Issues Finder, which is arguably preferable anyway. (You get extra relationship categories scored**.)

1. Fill out the form below. This will not only get you access to the online Heart Issues Finder* and your personalized report, but also some special emails from Diane Eble to help you understand how to understand and use the report. You may unsubscribe from these emails any time you want. Your name and email address will be kept according to the terms of my Privacy Policy.


2.After you take the Heart Issues Finder*, your report will come in the form of a web page, I advise you to copy and paste the whole page into a Word or other text document (plain text will strip the formatting), to keep for reference and print out. If you do not copy and paste it somewhere or print it out, you will lose the report once you leave the web page.

3. You may take this Issues Finder again and again, as many times as you like. It's a good idea to take it at the beginning of your Healing Code work. Then, periodically retake it.

4. You may answer the questions differently depending on whether you're thinking of a health, relationship or success issue. So you may want to approach it from one of those areas, and make a note of that. You may also take it with another area of life in mind, and compare it. This assessment is a very powerful tool, so use it in as many ways as will help you!

When you take the Heart Issues Finder*, you will be added to a list with The Healing Codes organization. Thus you will get emails from them, separate from emails from me, Diane Eble. You may unsubscribe to either list by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. Just realize unsubscribing from one list does not mean you are unsubscribed from the other.

What does the Heart Issues Finder** assess? 

Dr. Alex Loyd developed the Heart Issues Finder, along with a team of psychologists and programmers, to pinpoint what he believes is the source of stress, and thus 90+ percent of the problems that plague us, whether in the area of health, relationships, or success.

Solomon identified that source 3000 years ago, when he said, "Guard your heart above all else, for from it flow all the issues of life."

These "heart issues" are often hidden to our awareness. The Heart Issues Finder, which is based on Dr. Alex Loyd's training in psychmetrics and phychology, is a unique way to assess these hidden heart issues so that you can finally begin to heal the true source of your issues.


**In addition to the 12 Healing Codes categories of the original Heart Issues Finder, the Relationship Issues Finder assesses 10 additional Relationship categories.


The Heart Issues Finder* is NOT:

  • A diagnostic test for physical health issues 
  • A personality assessment 
  • A depression, anxiety, or mental health instrument 
  • A career or giftings survey 
  • A relationship tool 

The Heart Issues Finder* IS:

A tool to diagnose the issues of your spiritual and emotional heart – the source of your problems and their solution!

We believe, from our testing and feedback, that it diagnoses not only the issues you know about, but also the ones you don’t know about.

What will the Heart Issues Finder* do for you?

The Heart Issues Finder* takes about 10 minutes.

You receive around 12-16 pages of in-depth results.

Your results include a scored assessment of every major heart issue in your life in each of the Twelve Categories of heart issues.** (If you have The Healing Code book or Manual for the Healing Codes system, you know what those categories are.)

For now, it’s FREE ($99 value).

You may want to take the Heart Issues Finder to determine your baseline for issues you need to heal, then re-take it later on to track your improvement – FOR FREE. You can take it as often as you like. You will be able to track your progress by doing so.

You can share it with your friends – FOR FREE!

When you sign up, you will also get information on how to interpret your results.