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review of Sue Hitzman's Melt Method

The MELT Method:

Getting Rid of "Stuck Stress" in the Body

MELT Feel Better NowStress, according to various sources from the Centers for Disease Control to Harvard Medical School to the Mayo Clinic, is the main factor of up to 95 percent of all illness and disease.

Such stress can be unconscious, caused by the hidden destructive memories, unconscious beliefs, and negative images stored in our bodies and, I believe, our spirits. This is the stress that The Healing Codes and prayer excel in healing.

There is other "stuck stress" that can come from the ways we sit, stand, walk, and otherwise move and position our bodies. For that kind of stress, there is a wonderful method I've begun to use that is yielding wonderful results, for me, my friends, and my clients.

After doing just some of the MELT techniques for a couple of months, I feel better, enjoy more energy, and the headaches which had begun to bother me, along with some strange nerve symptoms, have mostly gone away.

So it's time I told everyone about this method that I believe is a perfect complement to The Healing Codes.

It is called the MELT Method, developed by Sue Hitzman, in her book by that name. It is "a breakthrough self-treatment system to eliminate chronic pain, erase the signs of aging, and feel fantastic in just 10 minutes a day!" Now available in paperback, this New York Times bestseller features a new foreword by the author, fully updated images throughout the text, and the latest scientific data that supports the effectiveness of the program.

OK, so again, sounds too good to be true, right?

That's why I took 2 months to tell you about it. Even though I got immediate results the first (and every) time I did it, I wanted to read the book, give it time, hear from other people.

So what does MELT do? Simply put, through some gentle techniques using special balls and/or a roller, it rehydrates the connective tissues in your body.Unknown Object

Connective tissue supports all your organs, your skeletal structure, your muscles, and every cell. In fact, as I studied Sue Hitzman's book and put it alongside the models of the energy systems in the body, I can't help but wonder if connective tissue is the physical mechanism through which energy, or the body's electricity, flows.

And we know that water is a conductor of electricity. So doesn't it make sense that the places where our energy gets blocked, would be those places where our connective tissue is dehydrated?

At any rate, through these gentle techniques, you end up rebalancing the central nervous system regulators and boosting your body's natural healing and repair mechanisms.

It is the perfect complement to The Healing Codes. The Healing Codes neutralize the stress from negative memories, images and beliefs, and MELT erases the "stuck stress" that shows up in the body not only from negative memories and the like, but from the repetitive movements from daily living that also produce "stuck stress."

In my case, spending hours sitting in front of the computer was taking its toll. I began to experience neck pain and headaches, even some tingling in my extremities. I saw a new medical doctor about this, and she immediately suggested I see a neurologist.

I then saw my wonderful integrative medicine doctor, who affirmed that I could try MELT and wait on the neurologist.

Well, after doing just some techniques, the headaches are gone, the neck pain is gone, and no more strange nerve sensations.

These things were likely caused not by "heart issues" (though I did use Healing Codes for anything that came up), but by the stressful body positions of sitting at a desk too much.

(I am saving up for one of those really good ergonomic chairs, but in the meantime, 15 minutes of MELT per day seems to do the trick.)

So I highly recommend the MELT products, especially now that the latest MELT DVD has come out. If you haven't gotten anything yet, the MELT Method Super Bundle gives you everything you need (book, MELT Method DVD, roller, Hand and Foot Treatment Kit and DVD), for less than I paid for them all individually.

Like The Healing Codes, MELT is something that you can do on your own in just a few minutes a day. Because it gets at the source of "stuck stress" in the body, it allows the body to heal a number of maladies.

There are MELT Maps in the book and DVD that specifically address which techniques to use for various issues, including:

  • pain due to trauma
  • injury or surgery
  • chronic neck pain
  • chronic low back pain
  • upper body pain
  • lower body pain
  • pelvis or hip pain
  • diagnosed systemic conditions such as cancer, MS, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue, dystonia, lupus and numerous others
  • neurological or immune disorders and cancer
  • connective tissue disorders such as CFS, Fibromyalgia, and others; spinal diseases
  • even pregnancy and postpartum.

The author has you go nice and slow, telling you exactly what to do each week, then giving a maintenance plan. (The book is a bit confusing, due to some repetition, but everything is step by step. That's why I recommend the DVD, so you can actually be taken step by step and stop and pause if you need to. Or have have someone read you each step from the book as you take time to do it and learn it, especially on the soft body roller.)

So I recommend MELT as yet another do-it-yourself, easy tool that will help you eliminate on a daily basis the stress that can be so deadly. Get the MELT Method Super Bundle, which includes everything. or  perhaps just the Hand and Foot Kit first. (There are step by step instructions and a DVD with this.) Then you can get the soft body roller and the MELT Method DVD, which allows for the most areas to be rebalanced, rehydrated, and decompressed (the three techniques you use with MELT).

MELT Feel Better Now