Everything you need to get the most out of The Healing/Success/Relationship/Love Codes, from Certified Healing Codes & HALO Coach, Diane Eble, editor of The Healing Code

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Why Order Custom Codes?

One client answers ... 

"Your codes are more powerful and go so much deeper than I ever imagined. It is like the hand of God reaching into my psyche and illuminating what needs to be done." --JB

Coaching for Quicker Results

The Healing Code in The Healing Code book is the "universal Healing Code" that works for most people for most issues. We have heard of remarkable results from just using that Healing Code, which is based on 10 years of testing by Dr. Alex Loyd to determine that this Healing Code works for most people and most issues.

However, you may have an issue for which you want/need faster results. Or your problem is more serious or urgent. Or you feel stuck and don't seem to be getting the results you desire.

Working with a Certified Healing Codes Coach can be just what you need in these cases.

I have been certified by Dr. Alex Loyd to develop such Custom Codes for people. The more specifically we can pinpoint your issue, and the more specific a Healing Code is to your issue, the faster--and deeper--the healing.

I quickly and easily help you pinpoint the memories, images and beliefs that truly are at the source of what’s bothering you, whether it’s a health, relationship or success issue. Often there are hidden or even generational memories that greatly inhibit healing until they are found and healed.

I can develop a custom Healing Code for you to do on your own at home. You will get a Healing Code that is specific to your exact issue, how long to do it, how many times per day, and how long the code will be very strong for you. (Custom Healing Codes do "expire," usually within around 2 weeks. That's because the code is so specific to your issue, that as your issue heals and shifts, the code sort of "goes out of register." It's actually a good sign--your issue is changing!)

I can also even do with you over the phone  what's called a Coach-Guided Code. I am one of the Coaches who has been certified to do these powerful, "streaming" Codes in which I guide you step by step as we do the Code together for getting your pressing issue down to an acceptable level. Then I will get you a custom code-to-go to continue working on the issue. (Coach-Guided Codes can be ordered on their own, or if you've gotten a package, they count as 2 Codes from your package.)

Besides developing Custom Codes for your issue, I will also help you get the most out of using The Healing Code in the book or the Healing Codes in the larger system, so that you will confidently know how to use Healing Codes for the rest of your life.

I can also develop Custom Codes for you to use for or with other people, or even a pet.

Here are some options for Custom Coding:

"These custom codes are so addicting because they pounce on the issue so fast! I feel a peace, a lightness, and I am so patient with my children now."--Mary, Missouri

With Custom Codes + Coaching you get up to 35 minutes per session.

1. Three personal one on one sessions: $250.00

Click below to order this package.   

order 3 custom coaching sessions3 custom Healing Codes

2. Five personal one on one sessions $400.00

Click below to order this package.

5 custom Healing Codes

Just Want to Try It? Pay as You Go Single Session Option

If you already have the book, and/or just want to try it out, you may order one Custom Coding session for $85.00.

  Single custom Healing Code


Want me to Guide You Every Step of the Way?

Try the Live, Done WITH You,

Coach-Guided Code

If your issue is especially urgent or strong, or if you're new to The Healing Codes, we can do a Coach-Guided Healing Code together, right over the phone.

I will guide you in this "on the spot" code, from the prayer through the "love picture" (if you wish), even including the appropriate Healing Code Music in the background.

Then I will give you another "code to go" that you will do at home on your own. (That's why this session is more expensive; you are essentially getting two codes to address your specific issue.)

Cost of a Coach-Guided Code: $125 (If you order one of the 3,5-session packages, and we determine you need a Coach-Guided Code, we will just count it as two sessions.)

You will even get a recording of our call right afterward, so you can relax, listen to the recording again, and continue your healing "the easy way."

You will always be able to do the Code to Go along with, or instead of, the recorded call.

A Coach-Guided Code is especially good if:

  • you have been working with The Healing Code(s) for some time and feel stuck. 
  • your issue feels especially raw or urgent at the time of our call. 
  • you're just starting out and not sure how to do a Healing Code (I guide you every step of the way). 
  • you want to get the hang of "love pictures" and Truth Focus Statements--what to focus on while doing a Healing Code. 

Remember, you will not only get the on-the-spot custom Healing Code for your issue, but also a "Code to go" to do on your own, either for the issue we did the Coach-Guided Code for, or sometimes another, related issue. That will be determined in our session.

Order coach guided code from diane eble healing codes coach practitionerCoach-Guided Code: $125  

Even MORE Options for Custom Coding:

Healing Hearts Circle: Affordable, Coach-Guided Group Codes for the Whole Month!

Healing Codes Coaching Intensive 3-Month Program:

For those who need and want to make a full commitment to their healing.

  With ANY Custom Coding package, I will be happy to pray for you, if you request that option on your Consent form. For many clients, that is their favorite part!


"Just wanted to give you an update on the last code you gave me. Had a healing response from the first time I did the code which in past experience means the code is spot on!!

"As of just today, I am feeling a sense of peace and love that I have never felt before and it's eerily exciting!!

"Can't thank you enough for digging deeper and figuring out what was really wrong with me ... what a blessing and answer to prayer you are to me!! God bless you my friend."--B.C.

  Special Book Package

The Healing Code book

If you don't already have The Healing Code book, you may also get a copy with 1 personal Custom Code + Coaching session for only $84.95. You're essentially getting a Personal Coding session with the book costing only $4.95, with no shipping charges (US only)! This 321-page #1 best seller includes much of what is in The Healing Codes Manual and more–such as the 10-second Instant Impact technique to get rid of circumstantial stress. (This technique is not found anywhere else, not even in The Healing Codes Manual.)

get book + coaching(USA residents only)