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Everything you need to get the most out of The Healing Codes and healing prayer with Certified Coach, Diane Eble, editor of The Healing Code by Dr. Alexander Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson

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 Interested in the Spiritual Aspects of The Healing Codes?

When I first learned about The Healing Codes, I spent almost two years in prayer and searching the Scriptures before I went public in my support of it. As a follower of Jesus, I wanted to make sure this healing approach was in line with God's Word.

I found plenty of confirmation, and the only warning was not to make this or anything a substitute for seeking God and understanding that He is the one behind any healing.

But even Jesus, while on earth, healed in different ways, and I was thinking about how maybe he really likes to use tools such as The Healing Codes. In fact, one day in meditative prayer, the thought came that perhaps Jesus was a carpenter because he likes tools. Carpenters use tools to create things, and to fix things. Well, Jesus ("the same yesterday, today, and forever") still seems to like tools to create and fix things.

So I feel completely comfortable using The Healing Codes. In fact, to me they are a sort of spiritual discipline, to daily allow God to shine his light on the "heart matters" that still need healing. I think of The Healing Codes as a combination of prayer (the prayer of intention you say at the beginning), meditation (the Love Pictures or Truth Focus Statement), and therapy, with the Spirit of God being the Wonderful Counselor (mentioned in Isaiah 9:6).

One of the things I also liked about The Healing Codes is they addressed a completely different system than any of the other spiritual healing practices out there. The Healing Codes address cellular memories. Though we're not sure exactly how they work, it does seem that the frequency of a Healing Code cancels out the negative frequency of your issue in the energy pattern in your cells. Thus the stress of those negative frequencies, held in the energy pattern in your cells and perhaps DNA, is removed, and your body and soul can heal themselves, as they were created to do.

While I have no trouble with the other major energy modalities out there, e.g., tapping the meridian points (EFT, TFT and the like), or something like Emotion Code or Body Code, I think those do something different. With these methods you get more immediate relief with removing the energy blocks that come up when you're triggered, but with The Healing Codes you get more permanent relief because you're healing the source.

It's all about how you're seeking healing. Is it through a mechanical technique, or is it through a loving, living God who uses physical techniques and tools to heal? Big difference, with perhaps a big difference in results.

A tool is simply a tool. A tool in the hands of a skilled carpenter can work wonders to heal and create.

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